Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yard Sale Season!!!

A few weeks ago a friend called and said "Get over to this yard sale."  I jumped in the car and headed over. A couple ladies were practically giving stuff away. The lady used to sell At Home America (which I'd never heard of) and was getting rid of all her inventory. All of this stuff is new with tags. The berry wreath and vine were 75 cents each. The lantern with candle was $2. And the sampler with the distressed black frame $3 (it is 15 inches square). I love it!

The 18 inch metal star wreath and wall sconces were $1 each.

The picture I actually got at Goodwill for a buck a few weeks back. It had a red frame that was just the wrong color red. So I painted it black and sanded the edges. It will go perfectly with the rest of this decor.

Another sampler I got at a thrift store will go well with her larger sister.

This large red platter was $2. I can't believe how well she matches the bowl I already had on top of my fridge!

I got this frame at the book store about a month ago where my mother-in-law works. It was on clearence plus with an employee discount it wasn't much (about 70% off)

Back to the yard sale...... The two white berry wreaths were 50 cents each. I tied a piece of toile ribbon to this one and hung in the hallway.

I hung the other one on our hat rack in the hallway.

Now for the big splurge. I paid $8 for this plaque. It is $40 new in the catalog. The letters are wood cut outs so it's 3-D.It's large at 35 by 10 inches.

Up close and personal

This mirror with hooks was $5.


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    Hope you get it.

  2. Hi Arlene! Sweet finds and can't wait to see more...visit my blog when you get a a great Memorial Day!

  3. Wow, what a fabbo sale--I'd have buying everything I could there too!

  4. You found some seriously great things. Love the lantern and the star wreath. The toile ribbon is just perfect for the little wreath.

    What great deals for you daughter too. I love sales like that.

  5. WOW now that was an awesome sale! Super great finds!

  6. Goodness Arlene, you scored HUGE!

    Great finds!

  7. You really scored!! Love all your finds.

  8. You found some great items, love the samplers! Good thing we weren't there at the same time, we might have a problem!

  9. Tell your hubby that you scored BIG!! Sisters all over the country are envious of your good fortune. hehehehe

  10. Hi Arlene,
    This is my first time participating in Rhonda’s event and I am having so much fun seeing everyone’s neat stuff. I used to live in Portland so not to far from you (I think). I love your finds, but my favorite is how you used the toile ribbon to hang the wreath from. That wreath is really neat by itself, but the toile makes it striking.

  11. Wow- those deals are AMAZING!! You found some great stuff at that one sale a couple weeks ago - what sweet friends to call you over! I can't believe there was still stuff there at those prices!!

    I blogged about clothes for my boys found at yard sales this week :) I LOVE getting their clothes for so cheap - no worrying about pricey stuff getting ruined and yet they look like we spent lots of money on their clothes :)

    The post was originally posted on Friday, so you'll have to scroll down a bit to see it :)

  12. Great finds! And I see you got the link figured out. When you want to put a blog url in there, just copy & paste it in the blank after you highlight the word or words you want linked. Easy, peasy! Thanks for playing this week.

  13. All great finds, and I like the story of the transformation of your house that you have on your sidebar!

  14. Wow, what wonderful finds!

    I love your blog header--especially the way your cake plates are displayed.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog!


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