Saturday, May 10, 2014

Recent Furniture Makeovers

Just a few of the many recent furniture makeovers I've completed!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Dining Room Today

Our Dining Room Today

Dresser Redo

I picked up this old dresser Friday. I remembered to take a picture after I had already removed the ugly plastic decorative pieces on six of the drawers.  The dresser is laying on it's back and I'm standing on a chair taking this picture but you get the idea.

After sanding, priming painting, and giving it new pulls. I love the way it turned out.

It sold right away!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Antique Desk and Hutch

I picked up this antique desk last week.  It is solid wood and very sturdy but the finish was pretty scratched up.  I filled some nicks and scratches with wood filler, sanded, and painted it in a dark gray semi gloss.

I've had the hutch in the garage for several months and it fit nicely with the desk so I married the two pieces.  The hutch was white with floral contact paper on the back.  It took a while to get all that contact paper off but it cleaned up nicely.

I love the original brass pulls!!!!

I'm very happy with the end result and hoping she finds a new home soon!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two Chair Makeovers

This poor chair had seen better days.  The horizontal piece in the front holding the legs together was bowed so bad I couldn't get the pegs to fit back inside the holes in the legs.  I cut a 2 x 4 and replaced it.  Then I glued and clamped to make the frame sturdy.
I replaced the webbing and burlap but was able to save the original wool stuffing. I added new quilt batting over the wool.
I gave the frame a coat of white paint and lightly distressed the edges and details. Then it got a new upholsetry job with Damask duckcloth.
And here is the finished product.

Another chair makeover.  I bought this chair frame at a yard sale.  It was raw wood and the finish rough as if it were left outside.  I sanded it down, painted the frame in gray semi gloss, added webbing, foam, stuffing, and batting. Then upholstered it in a thick fabric I'd bought for new curtains in my bedroom.  I decided against using it for curtains and it has been sitting in my fabric closet for a year.  It looks great on the chair.
They turned out beautifully but I won't be doing chair reupholstering any time soon!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My latest project.  I had already sanded the bottom part when I remembered to snap a couple pictures. I removed the doors and painted it in a dark gray.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Turquoise Desk with Hutch and a Mini Buffet

I can't seem to remember to take pictures of my pieces before their makeovers.  But imagine the typical orange colored pine desk.  The desk had writing on it and had some deep gouges.  I sanded the entire thing and filled the gouges before painting it my new favorite turquoise color.  It's Valspar's paint and primer in one.  It goes on so smooth.  I refinished the top to look like weathered barn wood.  I found the desk, chair, and hutch at different sales.  Painting them all the same color made them seem like they were a family all along.  I listed this set online and it sold in 10 minutes.  This one was hard to let go.  I want to keep everything!!!

I picked up this side table / mini buffet at our local thrift store.  It was unfinished pine and very sturdy.  It has one large drawer on top that looks like two.  I added the chevron paper behind the glass. I love everything about this piece: the circle pulls, the chevron paper, the color.  This piece was also hard to let go of and sold quickly.

You'll be seeing a lot more of this color!!!!!  I'm linking up to RedouxTransformation ThursdayFurniture Feature Friday, and Frugal Friday