Sunday, May 2, 2010

Headboard Turned Bench

I have been wanting to make a bench using a headboard and footboard for a loooong time.  It was just a matter of finding an inexpensive set that I liked.  I picked up these two pieces at a thriftshop for $10 for both pieces.  I love the simpleness of the design.  There were no side rails with them.  I used scrapwood (tables leaves from an old broken table) we had in the garage to finish it off. My husband helped me put in a few long screws I couldn't get to go in but other than that I did all the cutting, putting together and painting.

Remember the box of furniture legs I got at a yard sale last summer for $1.  I used two of these to make the sides higher.  I thought about using fancier legs but these plain boxy ones match better.

After caulking I sprayed a coat of Kilz primer on it yesterday.  I'm still not sure what color I'm going to paint it but I love it already.

Total cost of bench: $10

Edited 5-7-10 to add this pillow
I really wanted to make a cushion for the bench but foam is so expensive. Tonight I had an idea pop into my head. I started with this table runner that I picked up at a yard sale last summer for $1. Someone made it with coordinating fabrics so it is reversible.

It was about a foot longer than the bench so I cut the extra length off and sewed the ruffle back on. A lady from church had given me about 15 yards of quilt batting that she had used as "snow" at her daughter's wedding reception. So I took some, rolled it up, turned my pillowcase inside out and rolled it onto the batting.

Instead of a cushion I have this great reversible pillow that cost me $1!!! The bench with the pillow cost me a grand total of $11 and a few hours work!

I have this beautiful old piece of wood I cut from the middle of the footboard.  It is almost three feet across.  I think I will make a sign to hang on the wall.  Maybe I will paint "Antiques" across it.  So many options.