Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dresser Turned TV Console

Our monster of a tv decided to poop out during the opening ceremonies of the olympics.  The sound quit but the picture was great.  Our friends gave it to us three years ago and we've gotten good use from it.  I listed it on cl in the free section and it was went immediatly. Yeah!!  Time for a flat screen.

My friend who recently moved away was preparing for a yard sale and asked if I was interested in this dresser for $10.  It is a heavy, solid piece with dovetail joints.  It was just scratched and dinged up and missing a couple knobs.

I sanded the entire thing down and sprayed it with a can of Kilz oil-based primer to lock in the mahogany stain.  Then I used my paint sprayer and gave it a couple coats of antique white semi gloss.

No distressing here.  I love the classic somewhat modern feel to it.  I found knobs in the same antique brass finish at Home Depot.

The drawers are completly full of movies and wii items.  It works great for us, only cost $24, and is much prettier than the old monster we had!!!!
Love it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

A friend of mine asked if I wanted this old duncan phyfe table a neighbor of hers was getting rid of.  Since it was free I took it but it needed a lot of work.  I love the legs and knew with some tlc it could become a great piece.

I had to reglue the dowels into the base on several of the legs. I clamped them and let them dry overnight.

I sanded the entire base and sprayed it with Kilz oils base primer and then a semi-gloss white paint.  I taped of the brass foot coverings.
The veneer was chipped and lifting in several spots on the top. 

I glued, clamped and puttied the veneer.  Then I sanded the entire top.  The right side has been sanded in the pic below.

After I cleaned the top I stained it with dark walnut.

Then I gave the top two coats of matte polycrylic.  Wish I had better after pictures but it turned out really nice.

It was way more work than I anticipated but it's hard not to look at something and see what it can be!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

$10 Pie Safe

I picked up this pie safe at a yard sale last weekend for $10.  The lady was an aquaintance of mine and  said her father collected old pieces like this and she was getting rid of stuff since he passed away.

It has the original mesh / screen in the sides.

I love the patina and texture on this piece.   It's like alligator skin.  I couldn't duplicate this if I tried.

When I got her she was a sad sight.  The right door was broken off and in eight pieces.  Luckily she had saved all the pieces.

I spent the afternoon glueing, clamping, and letting it dry.  Then repeating the process over and over until I had it all put together.

The whole piece was filthy as it had been sitting outside for quite some time.  I vaccummed all the dirt and leaves then washed the entire thing down with warm soapy water.  The inside looked like it had stored motor oil and such.  There was thick black goop in several spots.  I scraped it off with a razor blade and cleaned the inside with soft scrub and a scrubby pad. I wanted the be able to put things inside and not worry so I gave the inside a coat of oil base primer to seal everything.  Then I gave it a coat of flat paint.  I still plan on applying Ralph Lauren antiquing glaze to the inside to tone down the white.  I don't want it to look like fresh paint.  As for the outside.  I am not touching it.  It has so much character.

After a coat of oil base primer.

One more look at the finished piece!!!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Table Redo

I picked up this $3 end table at the thrift store.  It's hand made from pine and is nice and sturdy.  I gave it a light coat of white paint and sanded it down.  Although it doesn't have any metal details it  has an industrial feel to it.

Not too bad for $3.  It would even be great on a patio!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Bedroom / Craft Room Makeover

I've spent the past couple months redoing our guest / craft room.  I started by sewing the curtains and it all came together from there.  Ninty percent of what I used in this room was thrifted at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and craigslist.  I didn't spend much at all on this room.  I'll break it down in later posts.  For now I'll let the pictures do the talking.
 Looking into the room from the hallway




This armoire holds my fabric stash.



My craft / sewing area
The armoire on the left holds my scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies.
I'm looking for the perfect farmhouse table to replace this fold up table.  Also need to do some more accessorizing in this corner.


I'll be back with details later.  Love this room now!!!