Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Chandelier Redo

I have been wanting to replace the light fixture in my girl's room for a looong time. 

So I headed to my local thrift store and picked up this beauty of a chandelier for $4. No I'm not crazy. I just worked my magic on her. 

First job was to get rid of those ugly orange light covers.  I found five of these mini lampshades at GW for 50 cents each.  I had my daughter paint them white before I covered them in fabric because the brown showed through the fabric.

Next step.  I painted the entire fixture heirloom white.  I didn't like it.  I also decided the plain straight wood piece in the middle just wasn't pretty.  The entire thing looked too plain.  So I went through the $1 box of furniture legs I picked up last summer and decided to replace the middle part of the chandelier with a "fancier" one.  It was the perfect height.  Of course the leg had to be drilled all the way through for the wires to go through.  Then I sprayed the entire thing "Ballet Slipper Pink."

I sewed a pink satin cord cover and added crystal pieces I got at Target after Christmas for 50 cents each.

I'm missing a light bulb on the far left (only had four).  So the shade is sitting lower than the rest.

And here is a picture of my girl's room last fall.  I hadn't quite gotten all of the polka dots done around the top.  I picked up the two antique twin beds at a yard sale several years ago for $25 for both.

Now the bedroom is complete with the exception of replacing the door and closet doors.!!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Old Spools and Thrifty Finds

Last year I bought this set of three vintage looking spools at a yardsale for $2.  The colors weren't quite my style so I changed them up a bit yesterday.

Ahhh.  Much better.  I removed the colored yarn and wrapped different sizes of jute around them. They are thanking me.

I picked up these decorative balls at a yard sale last week for $2.  The metal basket was given to me.

At the same yard sale last week I got four of these large baskets for $10.  They fit perfectly on the shelves of my $3 yardsale table.

This shelf sits above the above little table.
I just found this cute topiary at our local thrift store for 50 cents!

I also picked up this vintage mirror and the large suitcase.  I got these at a yardsale free.  The mirror was marked $2 and the suitcase $1.  I bought two large items for $10 each.  My total was $23.  All I had was a $20 so I asked the man if he would take a check or if I should go to the ATM.  He said I could have the mirror and suitcase for free!!!! I guess I can say I now have a collection of vintage suitcases since I have two. Ha.

This little table was $5 at a yardsale.  The finish was in really bad condition so I sanded and painted it and rubbed it down with walnut stain to tone down the white.

One more show and tell.  I made this pillow from a drop cloth and black paint. I'm really liking monograms.

Have a great weekend!!!

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