Friday, May 25, 2012

White Antique Dresser with Mirror and A Burlap Wreath

Last month was a neighboring towns community yard sale.  There were over 100 sales in this small town.  My truck was packed with three dressers, a cedar chest, an arm chair, a coffee table, an end table, an old paneled door, old suitcases, old spools and lots of other goodies.  I had to quit shopping when I couldn't fit anymore.

I forgot to take a picture of this dresser before I started priming but I did get a picture of the drawers.  It was painted brown and had old pictures on the front.

You get the idea.  Dated and boring.

Here she is all fancy in her new white coat.

She sold right away!!!!

I just finished a cute burlap wreath.  I wish I could say the idea was mine but I copied my friend Karen.  I started with a Christmas card holder wreath from Michaels.  It was $1 after Christmas on the clearance rack.

I sprayed it off white so none of the red would show through.

I had several rolls of this burlap ribbon I picked up at Micheals for 50% off.  It's 10 yards long and cost me $2.50 a roll.

I simply looped it through each hole and fluffed each loop.  I didn't use anything to attach it.  It is stuck firmly.  This project took me an hour from start to finish and I love how it turned out!!!

I'm linking with Primp Your Stuff Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gray Blue Writing Desk

I picked up this gorgeous desk last summer with the intention on using it in the spare bedroom as a craft table.  It just wan't large enough for a work space so I had to let it go.

It's a solid piece in great condition other than some chipped veneer on top.  I glued down the veneer around the edges where it was lifting a little. I used wood filler and filled the spots where the veneer had chipped off.

Once the prep work was done I sanded the entire piece, primed with oil base kilz, and sprayed it a pretty light gray blue.

I lightly sanded the edges to make the details pop.  I love how you can see the dark wood and white underneath.

This was a piece that was hard to let go of but I just don't have the space.  Needless to say it sold right away.

Thank you Michelle for featuring my desk on your blog PRIMP.