Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dollar Store Knock Off

As I was reading Melissa's blog the other night I loved the glass hurricanes she made using dollar store materials.  Yesterday I made it to the dollar store and there were two candle sticks left and only 6 glass hurricanes.  There were probably 20 candles left.  Last night I glued my candle sticks to the bottom of the hurricanes with an epoxy and let them dry over night.  I love how they turned out.

Then I decided to play with some burlap scraps I had left over from the project in my previous post.  So I tied a strip to the bottom of each hurricane.

I finally decided on burlap around the hurricane itself.

It will be so fun to change these up for different seasons and holidays.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Tree

I've been working on a big project while the hubby has been gone hunting for the week. I wanted to get it all done and surprise him when he got back. It has been a lot of fun and I finished last night. It was actually hubby's idea to have this large wall (the stairs are behind it) in the new family room be a family tree wall. I was all for that idea.

Figuring out what to do with it was the hardest part. I knew it had to cost next to nothing. Most of the frames I already had. I painted 8 Goodwill frames I've had kicking around black then sanded the edges. Originally I was going to do all black but decided that would be too much. So I brought in some off-white and celery green ones I had in the bathroom and I loved the color combination. I only ended up buying 5 frames (the cream colored ones) at TJ Max for $4 each.

I made the family tree below by cutting out the tree and leaves on heavy cardstock. Our kids' names are written on the trunk and hubby and I's on the large branches.  Each leaf has a name on it. It is six generations of our ancestors.

I wanted to do some vinyl lettering but that was out of the budget so I came with my own version. I printed my words from the computer and taped them to the window then taped my burlap over top and traced around the letters with a black sharpie. Then I took a small paint brush and filled the rest of it in with black paint.

I also made this B and olive branches on burlap the same way as the others. I found this frame at Goodwill. It was $2. I just painted and sanded it. I loooove it!!!!

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