Sunday, September 27, 2009

Community Yard Sale

I scored big this at our community yard sale.  I got these iron decorative pieces for 10 cents each.  That's right 60 cents total. They are 6 inches tall.

Large wire bird cage $3

Pine garland with pinecones was 50 cents.  This look great on the mantle at Christmas.

Wood pumpkin blocks $2.50

Rooster picture 50 cents.  It got a makeover to look more French country.  The frame was falling apart so I had to glue it back together.  I painted the frame ivory and gave the picture itself a black border.  Then sanded it down, wiped it down with dark walnut stain, removed the wire and added a ribbon.  I love how it turned out!!!
Here's the before....

Here is the after....

This old fan was $2.50

I scored big on storage items.  They work great in our new spare bedroom / craft room closet.  This wire shelf was $3.  I have all 100 sets of my rubber stamps stored on them.  The plastic Rubbermaid drawers were 50 cents each.  I got eight of those (four medium and four larger) and stacked them up.  My scrapbooking supplies and ink pads are stored in these.

These two four drawer units were $2 each.  They will hold scrapbook paper.  All of these storeage items look brand new and only $8 for all of them.

Perhaps my best find of the day was this antique mirror for $15.  The lady said she bought it several years ago at an antique store for $40.

This iron candle holder was $2.  Obviously I need to get another candle.

This red berry Christmas vine was 50 cents

I have been looking for some of these styrophome balls.  This bag was $1.  And the roll of moss was half price at Craft Warehouse for $2.50.  I plan on making some moss covered ball and maybe a couple more jute covered balls like the one in the basket I made.

I debated whether to get these wood bunnies but for 25 cents each I decided to go for it.  I removed the old ribbon around their necks and will set them in a bed of moss for Easter.  I love the finish on them.

The silver shower rod hooks were $1.  They will be great in our new master bathroom.

And last but not least - curtains for the new master bedroom.  I went to Ross and got two of these Waverly swag valances for $3.99 each.  I bought two large panels for our sliding glass door to the deck. I also got an extra panel to make pillow and a runner.
They will match the blue bedspread I got at Shopko for $25 (reg. $70).  I can't  wait to move into our bedroom THIS WEEK!


  1. Wow! You really got some nice things at great prices.

  2. omg! I'm jealous. jealous. You found such great stuff!

  3. You really got some great things and great prices!!

  4. Wow you got such great deals, I can never find such cool things, I will have to try harder. Love your pictures and your blog, I am a new follower, if you get a chance visit mine, I'ed love you to stop by..Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow you got some steals. I LOVE the iron peices in the first photo!!

  6. Love your finials, what a deal! Love the shabby white color! Stop by for a visit sometime!

  7. Can I go shopping with you? I can't believe your incredible finds. You are one lucky girl. I love the fan. I've never bought one because they're always too expensive. Thanks for sharing and making me jealous.I'm having a giveaway tomorrow. Stop by and enter to win if you get a chance.

  8. Wow you found some great things and awesome prices! I love those metal medallions thingies, so pretty! I can't believe they were only 10 cents.

  9. what amazing finds! i am very jealous. i love the iron things, i cannot believe the price you paid! the fan too is super cool too.

  10. OMG I am SO jealous of those iron thingies!!!!!

    Didja notice you reversed the M and P in pumpkin with the blocks? I love those!

  11. The iron thingies are gorgeous! You scored BIG! The prices are phenomenal, I can't believe you paid so little for such amazing things! Love them all!

  12. 10 cents a piece!!!!!! That was a fantastic deal!!! Wow you found some great treasures- I want to go with you!


  13. Those white finials are THE BOMB! I would love them....

  14. Please...can I go with you next time? You really got some super duper deals! Loooove the fan (great color)...I just bought the same chrome shower curtain hooks last month at TJ Maxx for $5.99...finials(no brainer). Come by and look around sometime,thanks for sharing these goodies!


  15. Great finds ! I always have a stash of things I haven't shown yet too , LOL !

  16. Great deals, isn't it a terrific feeling a lot for so little.

  17. what great stuff, what great prices! love the fan - 'specially the color...

  18. You found some awesome things! I love the finnials, the birdhouse & that fan!

  19. Well, I have just found another blog to add to my "blog collection."

    The storage units -- unbelieveable for $2 each. I bought one of those high ones new at Aldi's a couple of years ago and it was $20.

    And the antique fan and mirror, how lucky!

    Those antique fans go for $20 even at estate auctions around here (East Coast).

    Every single item was a super find!

    Jo in Virginia

  20. you totally scored --- ahhhh - that fan & those finials - so cool!