Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Chandelier Redo

I have been wanting to replace the light fixture in my girl's room for a looong time. 

So I headed to my local thrift store and picked up this beauty of a chandelier for $4. No I'm not crazy. I just worked my magic on her. 

First job was to get rid of those ugly orange light covers.  I found five of these mini lampshades at GW for 50 cents each.  I had my daughter paint them white before I covered them in fabric because the brown showed through the fabric.

Next step.  I painted the entire fixture heirloom white.  I didn't like it.  I also decided the plain straight wood piece in the middle just wasn't pretty.  The entire thing looked too plain.  So I went through the $1 box of furniture legs I picked up last summer and decided to replace the middle part of the chandelier with a "fancier" one.  It was the perfect height.  Of course the leg had to be drilled all the way through for the wires to go through.  Then I sprayed the entire thing "Ballet Slipper Pink."

I sewed a pink satin cord cover and added crystal pieces I got at Target after Christmas for 50 cents each.

I'm missing a light bulb on the far left (only had four).  So the shade is sitting lower than the rest.

And here is a picture of my girl's room last fall.  I hadn't quite gotten all of the polka dots done around the top.  I picked up the two antique twin beds at a yard sale several years ago for $25 for both.

Now the bedroom is complete with the exception of replacing the door and closet doors.!!!!!


  1. Holy cow, can I just say this looks amazing!! I love the poka dots. Who would have thought you could take an ugly ole light and turn it into something so scrumptious. Amazing redo. Just love it. Too bad I don't have a girl to do something similar. I guess I could make it blue - right?

  2. This is an incredible transformation! Simply gorgeous! I am amazed! Fantastic job! Stopping by from Just a Girl. Hope you are having a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Wow Arlene, nice transformation of that U.G.L.Y chandelier. You can't go wrong with pink and polka dots for a girls room.

  4. I love what you did to that chanelier. amazing :0)

  5. That is just plain adorable! I love the polka dots and the pink~well, the whole thing!

  6. That chandelier is absolutely adorable!!!

  7. Such a cute chandelier!! Great idea to replace the middle piece!

  8. Wow! Super cute! I would have never thought about changing an old light like that!
    I'd love for you to share on my other blog, It's A Blog Party, everyday is a different linky party, Fridays are all about decorating & Mondays are Craft/DIY Day!

  9. Great job---I can't believe the difference. You've got great vision. I don't think I could have seen that!

  10. A polka dot chandelier, how can that NOT attract my attention!??

    Very well done with this make over. So good in fact, that I'm offering you a link back to your site. Come link it up:

    Our readers would love this.


  11. Your chandelier turned out so cute! You did a great job! I bet your girls just love it. =-)

  12. What a wonderfully sweet project! Great job!

    : )

    Julie M.

  13. You are a genius!! Wish I had the creativity streak like you!!

  14. Cute twin beds, everything came out lovely!

  15. How fabulous is that!! Love it!


  16. wow! You did a really great job! I love the light fixture!

  17. the light fixture is adorable! and what a steal for those beds! Very cute girls room :)

  18. Cute chandelier! Great job.


  19. WOW! What a difference! It looks great!

  20. LOVE IT!!! What an awesome transformation!!! I love taking something that is basically headed for the trash and make it beautiful and new again!!! I would love for you to come and visit me :)) I think we have lots in common!!!
    ~Your newest follower~
    ~ Michella ~
    ~ ~ xoxo ~ ~

  21. Oh wow you are clever! What a transformation.

    I was reading your comment on Nikon Sniper's blog about photography and I thought you would like to stop on blogs like The Pioneer Woman or I heart faces. They have excellent tutorials about how to get on Manual on your camera. You might enjoy them.

    Have a blessed day. xxx