Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two Chair Makeovers

This poor chair had seen better days.  The horizontal piece in the front holding the legs together was bowed so bad I couldn't get the pegs to fit back inside the holes in the legs.  I cut a 2 x 4 and replaced it.  Then I glued and clamped to make the frame sturdy.
I replaced the webbing and burlap but was able to save the original wool stuffing. I added new quilt batting over the wool.
I gave the frame a coat of white paint and lightly distressed the edges and details. Then it got a new upholsetry job with Damask duckcloth.
And here is the finished product.

Another chair makeover.  I bought this chair frame at a yard sale.  It was raw wood and the finish rough as if it were left outside.  I sanded it down, painted the frame in gray semi gloss, added webbing, foam, stuffing, and batting. Then upholstered it in a thick fabric I'd bought for new curtains in my bedroom.  I decided against using it for curtains and it has been sitting in my fabric closet for a year.  It looks great on the chair.
They turned out beautifully but I won't be doing chair reupholstering any time soon!


  1. Wow! Very impressive! They are gorgeous!!

  2. you did a really great job with those chairs! I'm visiting from MMS.

  3. You did a great job on both of these- very nice! Stopping by from Miss Mustard Seed. :)

  4. Wonderful job! Stopping by from Miss Mustard Seed!