Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finds and a Table Redo

I found this old carved chair with down stuffing for $2 at a thrift shop!!!! Yes I said $2. Crazy!

Large 13 inch milk glass serving plate = $2. English transferware plate = $1.

Jars = $1 each. I have them full of cotton balls and Q-tips on the bathroom vanity.

Corelle plates = 14 @ 75 cents each. Large Corelle serving bowl = $2. I have been wanting these very plates for a long time. They are $3 a plate and $10 for the serving bowl at Walmart. I was in Goodwill and the employees wheeled out several bins of new stuff. I snatched these up fast. They look brand spankin' new.

Cake Platter = $3.50

Large French Toile Clock = $2

Large wood frame = $2.50.

Christmas bird nest = $1.

Two foot topiary = $3.50

Now for the table redo. It was a cute table the way it was. When I bought it I intended to keep it as is. It just works better for me as a sofa table. I bought the table at a yard sale a few months back for $20.

I really needed a sofa table and I didn't like how the table leaves covered the pretty legs so I removed the leaves, hinges and extra legs. I sanded it down and glued this wood decorative piece to the front. Then I gave it two coats of black paint. I love the way it turned out. Now I will have to come up with a project for the extra legs and leaves.


  1. Hi Arlene
    you got great deals! I am also drooling over your white Corelle.

    And the picture of your cakeplates on your header is so pretty too.

  2. Visiting from Southern Hospitality.

    You found some great items!

  3. Oh ya baby, the table looks fabulous. I am in love with anything painted black for home decor. Great job.

    So it looks like there is progress on the addition. Are you getting excited about decorating it yet?

  4. Good bargains! I like the table redo - very much.

  5. OMG you got the chair for 2 bucks??? I have seen chairs similar for hundreds of dollars here in my town. Great find!

  6. i love the bird nest. so cute!

  7. Ummmmmm, okay. The chair? OMG! What a fabulous find! Really! OMG! Total redo and resell or find a great spot in your home. Do you have an IKEA near you? They have some of the most fabulous prints right now from traditional to modern I could totally see it redone in a modern print and maybe with the wood painted to compliment the fabric. Hmmmm...I WISH I was closer! *wink*

  8. Great re-makes with the table - I really do love it - so creative , girl !
    I can't believe that chair - the bones are great and I am so jealous....LOL ! I would buy it without even having a spot - I would make one !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. What great bunch of stuff - and that new sofa table is awesome! You can totally make demilune tables with the leaves by buying some legs at Lowe's and painting them to match. You can even have a half moon table on each side of a bed for nightstands. The possibilities are great there as demilune's are so hard to find inexpensively.

    Oh, and that chair is beautiful. I'd say even spraying it a color that goes with the existing fabric would make it worth it for awhile if the fabric is in fighting shape. Distressed white? For a guest room?

    Sorry for rambling so much. You just have such neat things in this post!

  10. Hi, coming over from Rhoda's. I love that chair...what a steal! What great finds. I love what you did to the table. What people envision is amazing to me! It looks fantastic!

  11. I love everything! Especially the table makeover.

  12. A new core for that seat cushion and some added dacron batting on the rest of it and you will be set to recover that baby. Nice buy on the white corelle- it's my dinnerware of choice since I am klutzy and break ironstone. LOL Your table re-do was terrific- make demi-lune tables by purchasing new legs at HD or Lowes.
    :-) Sue

  13. That chair is amazing. I would keep the material on it. It looks like a beautiful fabric and I would paint the wood heirloom white. It would be easy and beautiful at the same time!

    The table look GREAT!

  14. I LOVE all of your finds! I am especially envious of the chair, it has such potential. I saw a similar one (very expensive), wood painted white with a light dove gray fabric, it was so beautiful.

  15. Hello Arlene - it's nice to meet ya! Love all your great finds. Especially the chair - did you say $2? Really? And that table make-over is just fabulous. You did a nice job. I have been wanting to put one of those scroll-y things on the front of my mantel - thank you for the inspiration!


  16. Wow, you found SO many great things, and you did an excellent makeover! I've been wanting one of those topiaries, and that Corelle was a great price! I love every single thing that you got!