Friday, July 31, 2009

Yard Sale Finds 7-31-09

I hit 5 yard sales today and the thrift store earlier in the week. Here's my stash.......................

Three primitive spools. $2 for all. I plan on removing the colored string and just keeping the bare spools.

Large outdoor lantern. New in package $5. This will work great with the patio off the new addition!!!!

Country Living Book 25 cents.

Country decorating book 25 cents.

Topiary $2. Berry vine 50 cents. Large cast iron birdbath $2. Small cast iron birdbath 50 cents.

Ceiling fan for the guest bedroom in the new addition $15. Looks brand new. This is Hunter brand (not the cheapy $39 one from home depot).

Brushed nickle light fixture $2.
Large decorative ball 50 cents. Bowl $1.
Children's rocking chair $4.

Distressed Plaque $1.

Dresses $2 each. For the girls. The blue, pink and brown silk one will look so cute with brown leggings.

Shirt $1 new with tags. I have been needing a new white shirt.
Two zoo themed scrapbook kits 50 cents each. Rocket engines 50 cents. These engines are around $7 or $8 bucks a package at Walmart. The hubby and son love to launch their rockets.


  1. great finds!! i love thrift stores...

  2. My goodness those are incredibly lucky finds and so timely with your additions! I love that the bird baths match too - so funny when that happens :)

  3. visiting from Rhodas, love your thrifty finds!

    wow you did well, I have had a couple of blah weeks, funny how it goes like that


  4. Wow you really hit pay dirt! Great deals.

  5. Geesh, I want to come shopping with you!!! Love everything! Those little birdbaths, the light fixtures, the spools! What awesome finds!

  6. Wow you sure did good! Love the bird baths!

  7. Super buys ! Love that topiary !
    Still jealous of your bird baths - quit showing them, LOL !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Wow, what a steal on that lantern! How could that lady not have returned that?! Must be nice to have money to burn, right? Love that birdbath, and the $2 light fixture too! You got some incredible deals this week!

  9. Wowza - you got some GREAT deals this week! The lantern and light will look so great in your home.

  10. You did get some great deals this week! Isn't it fun to go out and see what comes up?!?

  11. My, Oh My, did you ever score. Dont' you just love getting such sweet deals? Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs to ya,

  12. Hi Arlene, did you want to sign up for the Rooster Party? I'm not sure by your comment. Let me know when you you have you!

    Barb :-)

  13. Hi are the winner of the Rooster Contest. Congratulations!!!!!!

    Please send me your address. My email is:
    Please put something about the contest in your subject line so I will know it is you. :-)

    Hugs, Barb

  14. Hi Arlene....make that the giveaway. Boy, I am tired.

    Let me hear from you.

    Hugs, Barb

  15. I love your thrifty finds. Reminds me of when my Granny used to take us to the sales yard and yard sales. I love going...just got busy with life. I'm back in the saddle again, and love it. Thanks for sharing your finds, it gives me inspirations. Mumzie ;)