Thursday, October 22, 2009

Master Bath Sweat Equity

I picked up this mirror for $2 at a yard sale knowing I could transform it for the master bathroom.

I removed the middle pieces of trim.
Then had my dad add some molding we had left over from our addition to beef up the frame.

I painted it all and sanded the edges a bit.  Then I used a rag and wiped dark walnut stain over the entire piece before wiping it off.

Not bad for $2.  It will hang on the wall in our new master bath. (We're still under construction)

Everything we did in our addition was done on a budget but not cheaply.  We bought two unfinished oak cabinetry pieces at home depot for a reasonable price  About two weeks later I was in HD making a return when I noticed all of the unfinished oak cabinets were on clearence.  I had the receipt from our purchase in my purse and asked the lady at customer service if I she could refund me the difference since I had bought them two weeks prior.  She did.  I got $80 back.  Whoo-hoooo.

These were buggers to finish.  Let me tell you it was a loooong process. I sanded the heck out of the unfinished oak and it was as smooth as a babies bottom. Then I primed with Kilz primer. I got a good thick primer. After I primed, little slivers of wood stuck out everywhere. I couldn't believe it. Is that typical of unfinished wood??? So I sanded them all again. Smooth as can be and primed again. Still a little rough but I painted them anyway. Then I randomly sanded along the edges to get a slightly distressed look. I took a rag and rubbed dark walnut stain on the edges and very lightly on the entire piece. The final step was sealing them. If you are sealing a painted piece of white furniture NEVER ever use polyurethane. It will turn your furniture yellow. You must use polycrylic. It's about twice the cost but worth every penny. I love how these look. They turned out exactly like I'd envisioned and was worth all the work.

So here is the BEFORE

And here is the AFTER (before I painted and distressed the frame)

Oh yeah, and the brushed nickel light fixture was from Walmart for $35.
There were similar ones at Home Depot for $70.


  1. Great job it looks like a lot of work, but you did awesome!

  2. Wow! Such great work. The master bath looks wonderful. I can't believe you find such deals for only $2.00. I need to go thrifting more often. Looking good! Mumzie :)

  3. Love a good deal- way to go- Looking good!
    Happy Day

  4. wow, great job and on a budget too, my kinda transformation ;-)

  5. That looks terrific! I love the painted cabinets, never been fond of the oak - and this house still has tons of it that I need to paint! You'll be so happy when you finish that bathroom. It's going to be beautiful! I hope you can come by to check out my bathroom remodel, too! I posted it today for Met. Monday.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  6. Wow, I love how your cabinets turned out and your mirror is really gorgeous!!

  7. Fabulous work! And I love your wall color and white cabinets, it really pops.

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  9. Looks wonderful! We are getting ready to update cabinets, which will involve painting, and it is so helpful to hear everyone's how to. Thanks. Jackie

  10. Wow! They look wonderful. I can't believe it had splinters after you primed! I don't know if I would have had the patience to do it all over again. I might have been having a bonfire about then! Great work & perserverance!

  11. It looks great, I love the mirror and the cabinets! I bought a bathroom hardware set(towel rack, etc) from Wal-Mart and it was so much cheaper than Home Depot too.