Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Decor

I made the Jute covered cones  and the tall topiary below!!!

The tree is mostly decorations the kids have made in school, scouts, etc. over the years.  It's a sentimental tree.

I also made the jute covered balls below.

I'm having fun with my newish copycat Ballards Designs cafe shelves we made.  This is kind of a dark corner in the dining room and the flash really makes the photos look washed out.

All of the embroidery you will see in this post I made.  I am addicted!!  It adds a beautiful and personal touch for next to nothing

My local thrift store has a very large wood box out front that they put free items in.  For some reason they must have thought this vintage santa boot was to shabby.  I have found the best stuff in that box.

I got this cute snowman at TJ Maxx ($6) and the glittery cardinals at Shopko ($2) this year.

My Williams Sanoma knock-off hurricanes from the dollar store.  See my previous post for how I made these beauties for $3 each.

I found this large berry wreath at the local thrift shop for $2.  Score!!!  The noel I found a TJ Maxx this year.

I found this square boxwood wreath at Goodwill for $2 and added the ribbon.

I found the cute little vintage looking tree at the local thrift store for  $1.50.  The women behind the counter said the local nursery donated the rest of their Christmas stock.

My 50 cent snowman decoration on my $2 thrift store cake stand.

Did I mention I love doing embroidery!

I made this cute santa.

I'm linking up at the Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday Holiday Edition and Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes.


  1. Beautiful! I'm in love with hurricane candles, but don't want to spend so much money. Off to see if the dollar store has them!

  2. Wow your great at finding a good deal and making it look awesome!! That's a real talent! Your home looks warm and inviting I love all your personal touches. Merry christmas!

  3. I love everything! You decorate so tastefully and so creatively. I love all the jute and the gorgeous embroidery. Best of all, thank you for sharing all the thrifty finds!

  4. I'm having a terrific time visiting everyone's home. I really love your look.
    All the decorations are just beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

  5. It's all soooo the jute cones! Merry Christmas!


  6. Wow! So many cute things, and I love that you made so many of them. Thanks for sharing your home. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. So unique and beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  8. Your house is lovely! I am especially in love with your embroidery. Where do you get inspiration or patterns? If you have a pdf would you mind sharing the one with the large star? I have a glass-less frame I thought I'd fill with seasonal embroidery. This would be a great way to start!

  9. i'm impressed on all your finds and what you've done with them! your embroidery is awesome,a nd i love the wreaths... i'm still on tour with the nester!
    merry christmas! {can't seem to leave my blog addy below... just my google account... }

  10. Per request here is where I get some of my embroidery patterns. Jen asked about the embroidery pattern with the star. I got it from an awesome website with free embroidery patterns She has freebies for all the holidays and seasons. I have done a lot of her work. Here is the link for the star pattern. I shrunk it to fit into a 5 x 7 frame. Enjoy.