Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Last Christmas Project

I undecorated the tree to take it down but I wanted to see how the tree skirt I just made looked on it. I used a canvas dropcloth from Lowes. I used my new ruffle foot for my sewing machine and ran 12 yards of fabric through it in about 2 minutes. I love it. I didn't iron it because I'm just going to fold it up and store it for next year. Then I wanted to see how the new ornaments looked I got on clearence after Christmas. So we put those on. I like how simple it looks. Can't wait to put it back up next year.

Remember the cute vintage tree in the white urn from my previous post.  I went to the local thrift store last week and there was a second one!!!  I snatched it up fast.  Now I have a pair.  And for $1.50 each. (The tag on each said $45).  I also snatched three of these flocked bird nests on branches for $1 each (tag said $12).  I put my glittery Christmas cardinals in them. I also got a bunch of other vintage looking items with the tags still on.  The local nursery donated the rest of their inventory to the thrift store the week of Christmas.  I'll have to rememebr that next year!!!

I picked up the pine/berry picks at the craft store for $1 the day after Christmas.

I packed up Christmas yesterday and with all my new finds I can't wait for Christmas to come this year!!!
Happy New Year!!!


  1. What a cute blog! I love your style...happy to have found you! We have a lot of the same likes...and blog interests. I think I shall follow!

  2. Love your tree skirt. You did a great job with all your decorating!

  3. I just heard about a ruffle foot too - how cool are they? Now if only I sewed.... ;) Love your tree skirt!

    (from another LDS mom o' five.)