Thursday, June 9, 2011

Desk and Toile Chair Make Over and an End table Redo

I picked up this desk at a yard sale for $4. It needed lots of tlc.

I love the curvy legs!

I picked up this $1 chair at a seperate yard sale.  It folds up too.

And here they are with a fresh coat of primer and paint.  I removed the vinyl from the seat of the chair and replaced it with toile upholstery fabric. I sprayed the pulls oil-rubbed-bronze.
Not bad for $5 and a couple hours work.

I picked up this little end table for $4 at my local thrift store. It also got a coat of primer and paint.

I left the bronze finish on this pull.


  1. I have a desk and chair I need to get to, yours looks fab, love the toile fabric!

  2. It all looks fabulous.. I am so glad you had the vision to see what "could be" and saved these lovely pieces and made them probably the very best they have ever been..
    take a bow~! applause applause


  3. How do you paint furniture? Do you sand and prime? Do you use spray paint? brush? foam roller? I have some things I want to try to paint but I am SCARED! Not sure what to do! Your desk and chair look GREAT!!!!

  4. $5 are you kidding me? You win the prize! I think someone should host a party with just projects that $5 or less:) I might have to be the one........Awesome transformation. Your newest follower.

  5. I've just become one of your newest followers and I very much look forward to going through your archives. Looks like you're the Queen of transforming furniture!