Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Hidden Treasure

I've added several more vintage suitcases to my collection this summer.  I bought all of them at yard sales.  I paid from $1 to $8 each.  Bargains. I tried them in several rooms in different arrangements and decided I liked them best grouped together in the living room.

They were empty and merely decorative until recently.  When I was taking my fall decorations down I decided to store them in these suitcases instead of three totes in the garage. I always hate digging in the garage to get to my seasonal decor. My husband especially liked that they are actually functional as well as decorative.

As I was packing stuff away I looked in one of the pockets and found a yellowed card with a quote on it.  I began to wonder who this suitcase belonged to?  Was it a man or woman?  What was their life like?  Where did they live?  I can envision someone sitting at an old typewriter typing this.

It really made my day and got me thinking.  It makes me value my old suitcases a little more.

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  1. What a fun collection. They look great all stacked together.

  2. I love that look! And to use them as storage is quite clever :). And what a sweet topper to find a little treasure, the note

  3. this is so pretty! I'd love if you would link it up to my blog party. hope you can make it!

  4. You have a wonderful collection of these! I love the card you found and all that it speaks. Kinda like the prize in a Cracker Jack box!

  5. I love your vintage luggage! Those are very hard to find around here, but I'm always looking for some. I'm your newest fan!