Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gray Blue Writing Desk

I picked up this gorgeous desk last summer with the intention on using it in the spare bedroom as a craft table.  It just wan't large enough for a work space so I had to let it go.

It's a solid piece in great condition other than some chipped veneer on top.  I glued down the veneer around the edges where it was lifting a little. I used wood filler and filled the spots where the veneer had chipped off.

Once the prep work was done I sanded the entire piece, primed with oil base kilz, and sprayed it a pretty light gray blue.

I lightly sanded the edges to make the details pop.  I love how you can see the dark wood and white underneath.

This was a piece that was hard to let go of but I just don't have the space.  Needless to say it sold right away.

Thank you Michelle for featuring my desk on your blog PRIMP.


  1. What a gorgeous piece--love all the detailing and the pulls--great job!