Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Milk Glass

It started innoccently enough. I visited a friends house and she had a large collection of milk glass.  I went to a yard sale a week later and there were five pieces of milk glass for 10 cents each. I bought them.My intention was to give them to my friend for her collection.

They sat on my kitchen counter for a week or so and the more I looked at them the more I liked them. So I started a collection. I never noticed how many of these were at the thrift stores until I started collecting them. I probably aquired 50 pieces in the first two weeks.

It became an obsession. I ended up with way to many pieces. I couldn't even display them all. I finally pulled out about 2 large boxes of my least favorite pieces and sold them at my yard sale. I have only bought a couple pieces in the last few years. This (and a a few cake pedestals) is what I have left.

When we bought our home this was a ulility closet in the dining room. It had ugly dark wood rolling doors. Only the left side had shelves so we added shelves to the right side. We still need to add trim to the new shelves. The milk glass didn't stand out against the white wall so I used the left over red paint from my front door and added red and white transferware plates behind and it makes the milk glass pop.
I also love my transferware collection. I picked up many of these pieces in England 12 years ago when my hubby, son and I lived there.

Today we are breaking ground on our addition!!!!!! The patio was ripped out a couple hours earlier. They are digging now for the foundation and it will be poured tomorrow. Yeah!!! After two years of talking, planning, and saving it is becoming a reality!!!!!!

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  1. Yay! I searched through your blog and found your beautiful RED transferware! It really is so pretty and it looks GREAT with your milk glass collection! I love how it looks in the shelving nook you made from the utility closet. Adding the red to the back was a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing!