Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale Finds 5-30-09

I hit Goodwill a few days ago and this is what I found. Our main bathroom is nautical themed so I grabbed this sail boat for $2.50 and the basket for $1.50. I believe the candlesticks are nickel. They are heavy and will go nicely with the two brushed nickel ones I already have. They were $2 each. The flower ball was 25 cents. I plan to set it atop a small white cast iron urn in the girls' room. The bird was 50 cents. I'm thinking I can use it at Christmas time too. Is it a partridge or a dove?

I hit two yards sales this morning.
Clock $1, Topiary $1  Vintage fan $4 (it purs like a kitten).
Moss rabbit $1 (will make a nice addition to my Easter decor), Twiggy nest 50 cents.

Vintage (1956) toy 50 cents. I love this. When it's pulled all the wings spin and it quacks.

Home Interior flowers and letters $2 for all. For the girls' room.

Dance leotard and skirt (Both New with Tags) $2. Because I have three girls in dance.

George Washington book about his life 10 cents. Saturday Evening post 1963 of Kennedy's assassination 10 cents (because my hubby's a history teacher). The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1.50. The Grasshopper Trap by Patrick McManus 25 cents (hubby loves these redneck stories).


  1. I love the fan you found..I have caught myself collecting those. I think I have six, and some I use on a daily basis! Love you blog too!!

  2. I want to come yard sale in your town! Great finds. I especially like the white partridge/quail & the vintage fan.

  3. Looks like you got some great finds!

  4. Great finds...I'm lovin' the topiary, moss bunny, vintage fan, sailboat, candlesticks and the flower ball, I have a couple of them myself.

  5. Wow! You really scored alot of great finds. I love the fan!!

  6. All great finds! I like the moss bunny and the vintage toy the best. And the fan. Oh, and the topiary is great too!

  7. Arlene, great finds! Love the moss rabbit & that vintage fan. I saw one of those too, but they wanted $45 for it, it was bigger, but I love the one you got. That was a steal!

  8. I want to go garage-sale-ing where you live! Wow!
    My old fan cost me $35.00, you really hit the jackpot...maybe you should play the lottery too? :+D
    Oh yeah, I think the bird might be a partridge, a quail has a feather-thing on top of it's head, right? Hahahaha!

  9. Arlene, I want to buy the fan from you....please, please, please let me buy it. Not for $4 of your price! Come, on!

  10. Lots of fabulous finds! And such deals too. Can't beat that. I love everything you found. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.