Monday, May 18, 2009

This weeks finds!

Friday morning I hit a yard sale. The paper said "Moving Sale with lots of furniture - Huge." It was a few miles out of town and I almost decided not to go but am glad I did. It was HUGE. I brought home lots of stuff. The big find was this antique dresser with mirror. It was $35 and in excellent condition.

This cute drop leaf table was $20. It is also very solid and in excellent condition. I love the sage green color it is painted.

A $5 chair. It is very similar style to the kitchen chairs we already have.

You may need to live in the state of Washinton to appreciate these next two finds. A steamer/juicer for three dollars and an apple picker for $2. I already have a juicer that we paid $70 for. I have always wanted two so I can have two steaming at once. This will cut the time I spend making grape juice in half.

A cute reversible table runner with ruffles at the ends was $1.

Three roosters for $3 each. Each one stands nearly 12 inches tall.

The vinyl plaque was $1 and the basket was 50 cents.
I paid $1.25 for the set of two baskets and 25 cents each for the twiggy pumpkins with metal leaves.


  1. Oh my goodness, where to that dresser and dropleaf table, I collect roosters so I would've grabbed those, and that America sign is nice too. All great finds!

  2. I am so jealous of all your finds. You are one lucky girl!

  3. Oh, girl! You hit the jackpot. I wouldn't have room for more furniture at my house, but I love those pieces, esp. that green drop leaf table. All of it is very cute! Thanks for joining the party.

  4. Wow, such great finds!! All at the same place, too?! Too cool!!

  5. Howdy Neighbor! Well maybe not real close neighbors but I do live in the state of Washington.
    Your finds were amazing, so right up my alley.
    I have been looking for a juicer for awhile but haven't had any luck so far...maybe soon, I hope

  6. Oh I am so jealous...LOVE all of your finds!!! Really LOVE the dresser and drop leaf!

  7. A little place called Malta. It's half way between Burley Idaho and Snowville Utah. In the middle of nowhere. Where are you?!!

  8. Wow Arlene you did really good! Love the furniture!!

  9. Love, LOVE that dresser! What a great price! Are you going to keep it the color it is? I'm dieing to find out :+)